Blümchen Cloth diapers

Blümchen Cloth diapers
Blümchen combines the waterproof cover in different ways with the absorbant fabric:
  1. System All-in-One: the soft bambooterry fabric is sewn to the waterprood cover. A second elastic barrier inside the pant provides a superb leakproofness. A large pocket provides enough space for additional inserts, even for heavy wetters. A simple one piece system.

  2. System pocket diaper: A stay-dry membrane is sewn to the waterproof outer. A pocket provides space for the absorbant inserts. Very slim fitting option, as you only put in those inserts, that you really need. Skin stays dry, inserts can be washed seperately, means even hotter, than the pants. Drys quicker, washes easier.

  3. System 2in1: The elasticated insert is sticked to the waterproof pant with a hook and loop system. This allows a tight fit and easy changes. The insert and the waterproof pant provide a double barrier and a perfect leakproofness. Enough space in the waterproof cover allows additional inserts for nighttime use and heavy wetters. The waterproof pants can be used again after changing the inserts. The waterproof covers are also suitable for diaper pants.

  4. System prefold: prefolded squares are put into a standard diaper pant or they are fixed to the baby with diaper pins or snappis. This is a cheap and highly recommended system, but not very convenient. Mainly bought after diaper consultants instructed parents.

  5. System 2-part system/ diaper pants: a diaper pants is combined with a waterproof cover. Very absorvbant and leakproof system for heavy wetters and during the night.